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Related Links

http://www.ypan.gr/index_c_cms.htm (Hellenic Republic Ministry of Development)
www.antagonistikotita.gr/epan/site/Home/t_section (OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME "COMPETITIVENESS")
http://www.mnec.gr/el/ (Hellenic Republic Ministry of Economy and Finance)
http://www.mathra.gr/ (Hellenic Republic Ministry of Macedonia & Thrace Prefecture)
http://www.ggea.gr/ (General Secretariat for Investments and Development)
www.ggb.gr/ (General Secretariat for industry)
www.obi.gr/online/ (Industrial Property Organization)
http://www.thpa.gr/gr/home/ (Thessaloniki Port Authority)
www.olp.gr/ (Piraeus Port Authority)
www.ose.gr (Hellenic Railway Organization)
http://www.hepo.gr/ (Hellenic Foreign Trade Board)

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