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The industrial park has a total surface area of 395 hectares covering 12 blocks with streets and common use areas. Block 5 and 2 already houses the industrial facilities of MEL S.A., whereas approximately 187 hectares of building plots are currently available. The surface areas and building data of the property can be found here.

Private-use vehicles or other heavy-duty vehicles can pass through the VIPATHE via the road network that is currently being built between the 12 blocks. Also, in order to facilitate the companies that are to be co-housed in the park, there is a railway platform linking the Park with the railway lines leading to Thessaloniki, Athens and the urban centres of northern and north-eastern Greece, Bulgaria and FYROM.


Today, the "contemporary infrastructure" projects are being constructed in the park by TERNA S.A., one of the largest construction companies in Greece and the Balkans. The time limit that has been set for the completion of works is early 2008. The GEK Group intends to follow the example of developed European markets by equipping the Thessaloniki Industrial Park (VIPATHE) with contemporary infrastructures combined with the guarantee and experience of the TERNA construction company, creating the conditions for the normal and smooth running of the enterprises that shall be established and shall operate in the park.

The following works are included in the infrastructure works:

  1. Construction of the road network with walkways and electric lighting
  2. Construction of a contemporary communications network with broadband networks
  3. Landscaping of the surrounding areas with green areas and sports fields covering a total area of approximately 15.2 hectares
  4. Construction of a water supply, irrigation and fire extinguishing network
  5. Construction of a rainwater drainage network
  6. Construction of a sewage system and waste treatment facility
  7. Construction of a reservoir and pumping station
  8. Construction of a railway platform
  9. Construction of an administration building on building block 1.

The Administration building will co-house the services that are to manage the common use facilities of the VIPATHE.



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