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What sets the VIPATHE apart from similar Industrial Areas, are its contemporary organisation and integrated infrastructures. The Park's contemporary infrastructures include:

  • Road network - walkways - electric lighting
  • Communications - broadband networks
  • Landscaping of surrounding areas - green areas - sports fields
  • Water supply, irrigation and fire extinguishing network
  • Provision for natural gas
  • Rainwater drainage network
  • Sewage system - waste treatment facility
  • Railway station
  • Administration Building - Common Use Facilities
  • Showcases - Environmental testing laboratories
  • Transport

A favourable environment for the establishment of enterprises that belong to the industrial-crafts sector, the storage - goods transport sector, and services sector.


The Thessaloniki Industrial Park (VIPATHE) is an established Industrial and Business Area, in accordance with Law 2545/97, which was designated as such by means of Joint Ministerial Decision no. .9.5/3541/185/31-3-2000 of the Deputy Minister of Development and the Deputy Minister for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works, as amended by joint ministerial decisions no. 14723/807/6-8-2003 and (Government Gazette 1223/17.07.2007).

The Park's administration and managing body (VIPATHE S.A.) is responsible for the drafting and implementation of the Rules of Operation, which are subject to the regulations and provisions of the aforementioned legislative documents.

In application of the above, the VIPATHE Rules of Operation describe the conditions, terms and processes that need to be met for the establishment of an enterprise in the Park, as well as the rights and obligations of the parties (enterprises & VIPATHE S.A. body). A separate section in the Rules of Operation describes the administration and management of the Park by the VIPATHE S.A. body for the purpose of safeguarding the infrastructure and providing the necessary services for the smooth functioning of the established enterprises.

The Rules of Operation bind, in terms of their observation, every legal or natural entity that has a legal relationship with the Thessaloniki Industrial Park, and particularly the VIPATHE S.A. body, the established enterprises, property owners and enterprises that draw their rights from the owners.


The Thessaloniki Industrial Park (VIPATHE) constitutes an integrated proposal for the high demands of contemporary enterprises. It is a well-organised centre for the development of business activities that can guarantee each enterprise:

  • Legal land title deeds
  • Immediate establishment (establishment licenses are not required)
  • The ability to be connected with the railway line, which passes through the Industrial Park (joining of the Thessaloniki-Athens line with the Thessaloniki-Evzoni line)
  • Contemporary infrastructure and common services.

Additionally, the translocation or establishment of enterprises in the Park is supported by 10% more aid, based on the Development Law, compared to the investment plans in the remaining areas of the Thessaloniki Prefecture. VIPATHE S.A., the Park's managing body, has the necessary experience and know-how that renders it capable to provide enterprises with technical-financial support consulting services in order for their investment plans to fall under the aid of the Development Law.

This integrated "package" of facilities and services that is being offered to enterprises that are to be established in the VIPATHE includes the opportunity to construct building facilities and deliver turnkey operations, in accordance with the specifications of each enterprise. TERNA S.A., a member of the GEK Group with many years of experience in the construction sector, may constitute the best choice for the construction of the building facilities of each enterprise.

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