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The Thessaloniki Industrial Park (VIPATHE) was created following the establishment of VIPATHE S.A. (special purpose entity) in September 2000 in the region of Kato Gefyra, within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Agios Athanasios, Thessaloniki.

VIPATHE S.A. is defined as the founding body of the Industrial Park on the basis of Joint Ministerial Decision no. ÷.9.5/3541/185/31-3-2000 made by the Deputy Minister of Development and the Deputy Minister for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works [which was amended by Joint Ministerial Decisions no. 14723/807/6-8-2003 (Government Gazette 1234¬/01-09-2003) and (Government Gazette ¬1223/17.07.2007)] and is subject to Law 2545/97. The scope of the company includes the creation of an Industrial Park through the necessary infrastructure works and the sale of building plots that are to be created on 8 building blocks.

As of 29/12/2005 the GEK TERNA Group is the sole shareholder in VIPATHE S.A., which is the Developer of the Industrial Park and occupies an area of approximately 395 hectares, of which 187 hectares correspond to the plots that are for sale, 87 hectares correspond to the facilities of MEL S.A. and 120 hectares to common use facilities.

All infrastructure works in VIPATHE were constructed by TERNA SA and the Parkís openings were in November 2008.

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